Monday, January 30, 2012

New Chapter 2012: Double Diamond Manager + Jam Tangan Award

A New Chapter opens in 2012. 

Double reason to celebrate.

Ramaikan? Kelas is usually this many people, the whole hall is occupied , that's how much Premium Beautiful is in demand.

DSM Izyan (preggers lagi, what with morning sickness still manage to achieve RM100'00 sales in a month! Go Mommy!) , CDM Salha Zain ( Mentor in biz, income in biz pun dah cecah 6 angka every month! Even menjadi jemputan khas sebagai panelist dalan rancangan Hujah TV9 untuk berkongsi kejayaan berbisnes menggunakan medium internet. CDM Kamikaze. Hebat guruku!), DSM Shahidah (my beloved biz partner, dulu tak terbayang pun untuk achieve jam tgn tp berkat usaha gigih, look now, achievement RM100'000 sales sebulan!) and Me (with my much love Sheaffer pens, Double Diamond Manager Level, RM 720'000 sales)

All smiles, Unity in Team Spirit!


Double Diamond Manager is the second highest level in the business and now that I've 'arrived' here, the realisation hits me like a jolt, it does feel surreal.

It feels like only yesterday that I said "YESto Premium Beautiful. 

Malam tu je 3 org usahawan menerima Anugerah Double Diamond Manager. Dulu selalu tgk from kerusi audience, berangan and yang best dalam Premium Beautiful biz ni, all you dream of can be a reality! Here I am pictured with CDM Hanis Haizi ( pioneer online retailer, our group leader, sebaya but income 6 figures every month, and featured in Berita Harian, Majalah Nona, Majalah Nur; sesuai dengan gelaran CDM Selebriti), DDM Adibah ( another doctor's wife like me ;) Adibah rejoin , meaning before ni mmg in the biz but under group lain, tetapi melihatkan how our group works dengan pimpinan CDM Hanis Haizi, beliau say Yes again, skrg dah capai level DDM, congrats Adibah!) , CDM Salha Zain, CDM Kak Ana ( the no. 1 biz leader in Malaysia, bukan sekadar jolokan but a fact, our stockist is the no.1 in Malaysia, Kak Ana siap featured front cover Personal Money Magazine along with other millionaires from different sectors, that's how strong our group is)

One more step to go to
 Crown Diamond Manager!! 

All smiles, say cheesee!

Doing the business full time was most definitely not in my initial plans. It's true that no matter what plans we have, the best plan of all is that from Allah SWT. 

Peluang dah ada, rezeki Allah dah beri, its only fitting for Allah's humble servant like myself to be grateful for  this opportunity, right? Cari-cari biz dah jumpa platform biz yang mana sudah terbukti kejayaan-kejayaan usahawannya, nak kata apa lagi, "next??" 

The award night was twice more special than usual for me. Not only did I receive Sheaffer Pen set in recognition of Double Diamond Manager but another business partner of mine got the 
'Jam tangan' reward for achieving RM100'000 sales in ONE month!

 Alhamdulillah more and more business partners are moving full steam ahead in biz!

A big Congratulations to my business partner Diamond Sales Manager Shahidah for achieving RM100'000 sales in ONE month! 

Jam tangan qualifiers with CDMs

Proof that if we set our mind on a target and keep at it, insyaallah we will achieve it. 

Shahida or known as Cheda among her close friends is a doctor and when she first started the business, she had a list of issues.

 Lets make a list: 

1. She had oncalls 15 times a month!! Penatnya!! Macam takde masa je kan nak buat biz it seems.

2. She was working in a remote district area. In KL 5pm and the city's still lively, but there, 5pm and the city's dead!

3. She has a 3months old baby who is fully breastfed. Wife, doctor, and now mommy; can one juggle?

4. She's soft spoken.
 Cheda here is not very chatty, back in matrics, I remember her as being the very studious type , excelling in her studies, among the top achievers too. Had anyone told me back then that Cheda would be involved in business, honestly I don't think I'd believe that. I dont think I can even imagine her selling anything at all..tapi ni tanggapan dulu-dulu la sebab persepsi umum mengatakan nak jual kena mulut cam bertih jagung kan??

5. Zero business skills. No selling skill. Yela, dah soft-spoken , Cheda sendiri risau pasal ni.

6.Husband Cheda worries for her .. sebab Cheda ni mulut dia bukan macam bertih jagung..boleh ke buat biz. 

Ok there you are SIX seemingly valid excuses to say NO to biz but what happened was....

Cheda said YES!!!

Jam tangan!

How does a bookworm, soft-spoken, busy doctor be involved in business , manage to achieve RM100'000 sales ? That's because despite all the excuses that she could use to justify her reason to dismiss the opportunity, she put them aside.

When you put your dreams as your primary standpoint, your goals and hold steadfast to it, you will achieve them. 

Diamond ring for Double Diamond Award? Sempat lagi try on Diamond ring , thanks to DSM Lily for letting us have a go at trying on the ring, for size? =)

Diamond ring = DDM bonus. Maybe you're a diamond in the rough, with some polishing, you too can shine brilliantly like this beautiful sapphire diamond ring.

Letak IMPIAN di depan dan letak ALASAN jauh dari kita.

Hari ni, Dewi sendiri boleh jawab berserta bukti pertanyaan yang Cheda selalu tanya ,
 "Boleh ke Cheda ni? "


"Ada ke kawan nak join biz dengan Cheda?"


The same soft-spoken girl before is now an aspiring leader in biz, with business partners from many different backgrounds, be it doctors, custom officer, dentists, teachers and housewives; biz partners all over Malaysia, from Klang Valley to Pahang to as far as Sarawak. 

Congratulations Cheda!! A heartfelt thank you to all our mentors in biz; bakal CDM Kak Hane, CDM Kak Adliza, CDM Salha Zain and CDM Hanis Haizi.

Strength in UNITY, Power in TEAMWORK!

Remember this,

"  Life is an  opportunity,   benefit from it.
    Life is beauty,  admire it.
    Life is a dream,   realize it.
    Life is a challenge,   meet it.
    Life is a duty,    complete it.
    Life is a game,    play it.
    Life is a promise,    fulfill it.
    Life is sorrow,   overcome it.
    Life is a song,   sing it.
    Life is a struggle,    accept it.
    Life is a tragedy,   confront it.
    Life is an adventure,   dare it.
    Life is luck,   make it.
    Life is too precious,   do not destroy it.
    Life is life,    fight for it! "

This is our story, we got this far but we started from zero too before. 
Always believe you can, and you're already halfway there! 

Pic captured at night when I got home, after waking up my babies to tell  them their mommy's DDM!
Cheda's symbol of achievement in biz

So who's next? Tell me your dreams, together we shall make it happen!
Dewi Sulaiman

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