Monday, December 19, 2011

SEMINAR SM/SSM December 2011 @ Eastin Hotel, PJ

What a way to end the year of 2011, business conference!

I started the year with the same said conference and ended the year with it too. The difference being, the first time around I joined just shy of one week , I was accompanied only by my dear sis Tiqah; she was very sweet to accompany her very shy sis who didn't know anybody there. I got to know about the conference on short notice; there was some extra places available, was I glad I joined. It wasn't some boring old talks on entrepreneurship, far from being monotonous; the sessions were
lively, motivational and I must add, FUN! 
There was the traditional folk dance, 'poco-poco' and that was the first time I danced it, or rather attempt to!  Despite my miserable attempt to ehem, master the art of 'poco-poco', I had a blast!

This was then. 

Anyways, almost one years past and the second conference was held at Eastin Hotel and my oh my, have the numbers grown! Few months back, just a little over half the hall was occupied but this time around, it was full house, baby!

300++ !!

One of the many reasons that I fall in love with the biz is because of the strong support system. There are mentors that will personally be involved to guide you every step of the way, classes for beginners, biz conferences that you can attend, one to one coaching! It's ok if you're shy, introvert, have no selling skills or biz knowledge whatsoever because there is


and having support from such a solid team as CDM Hanis Haizi and CDM Salha Zain , you know you're in good , SUPERB hands!

There were many who came from all walks of life; from the housewives to the professionals: doctors, GMs, Engineers, architects, lecturers. Salute!

Enjoy the pictures!

'AJK' in duty!

The speakers for the day.
FULL HOUSE! Thanks to Farihah who came in extra early,  she managed to save seats for our team at the front. Nak belajar kena duduk depan always right ;)

 Soon to be CDM Fazi, MC for the day. Pregnant in her final trimester and still actively doing the biz, when biz is on the go, everything is possible!

CDM Raz; The Man behind Premium Beautiful Top Agent, CDM Hanis Haizi. Credit to

My Mentor!! CDM Salha , an amazing mumpreneur! Petite in size but a force to be reckoned with!

CDM Maisarah, engineer turned businesswoman

Soon to be CDM Sha. 

Indeed! An inspiring talk by CDM Hanis Haizi.
Team Bakal DDM Farihah, my protege in biz. Ingat lagi when we first started the biz, farihah sendiri je, but look at her now dgn biz partners lagi! Farihah ni mmg fighter, never say no to challenges, always face any challenges with determination and for sure ank2 buah adopt the same spirit instilled.

With CDM Hanis Haizi, Mentor hebat!

All of my baby tigers in biz with CDM Salha Zain

With CDM Raz, Top Male Agent for Premium Beautiful

Together now, CHEESEEE!!

After a lil discussion session, more group photosssss

Insyaallah, May Allah grant us patience and steadfast determination to excel in our endeavours. My next target is to help business partners to achieve their dreams, progress in business! 

To be a part of the team , please do not hesitate to contact me

Dewi Sulaiman

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