Tuesday, October 18, 2011

When being "DEGIL" pays off

There are only a few occasions in life when the word 'degil' brings with it so much positive outcome. This is one of it. "Jam tangan" punya pasal, terus berjuang hingga ke "titisan darah yang terakhir" , not literally but suffice to say my dear business partner Farihah was pumped up with the prospect of quaifying for "jam tangan". So what is this jam tangan all about? 

Jam tangan = RM100'000 sales achieved in ONE month

The beauty of our business is that we get rewarded in every step that we achieve. We feel appreciated, motivated and pumped up to excel. So for last month's qualifiers, not only were they rewarded with DKNY watches but also Swarovski pens from CDM Hanis Haizi and Coach purses from the newly 'crowned' CDM Adliza. 

Now who wouldn't be PUMPED UP ?

I'm green with envy! The last time when I received the jam tangan, there weren't extra gifts or presents to accompany the said jam tangan but of course nothing could replace the feeling of being able to help and guide my business partner to achieve her target. Glory and success is not just for one to experience but is to be shared. I can surely say that I was even more ecstatic for Farihah than myself when I achieved it before. 

To my dear business partner Farihah, a big Congratulations, you deserve the success that comes with qualifying for jam tangan. You kept going strong even when things sometimes didn't turn out as planned, you kept at it and never ever gave up even when the stakes seemed high. It was a great pleasure guiding you because not once did you say, " I don't think I can do it", never once did you give up. It takes two to tango, so to say. Farihah degil, to put it crudely. DEGIL , by hook or by crook jam tangan for September! I like this type of degil, goes to show that one can use a commonly perceived negative character and turn it to such a positive attribute. Being degil / perseverance really does paid off.

We are all very proud of your accomplishment, my dear. With the jam tangan, comes responsibility, help and guide our partners to great heights of success, Insyaallah, with continous effort , Allah SWT shall grant our doa. 

So, the NEXT jam tangan qualifiers, get yourself ready, the next one is going to be superb!

Congratulations Farihah!

Me with Kak Liza's flowers

Ayun and Kak Ratna 

Waiting for her name to be called up, butterflies in the stomach?

Shoes shoes everywhere our feet land, class was super-packed!

Wonder what they were talking about? hehe sorie Farihah , will update soon with pics from Abg Alfaath's lens =)


 Cutting up the celebratory cake

 Brand new CDM , hot from the oven, CDM Adliza with her Pucci , special gift from CDM Hanis, while CDM Salha holds the flowers.Three of the best leaders ever!

 Farihah's beaming with joy with new biz partner Syira~

 Me and my prodigy, proud of her accomplishment!

 Nur and Farihah, jam tangan qualifiers

Excited faces~

 Unity in group

The lovely mommy Intan with her "anak didik", who says you can't do biz while pregnant?

The 'after-class' 

More tips from CDM Adliza 

CDM Adliza, will be updating soon about her

Stay tuned for more updates, till then, tata!

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