Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Terpaksa join biz

Salam and  Goede dag (that's Good day in Dutch) to all my lovely readers!

I've got an exciting story to share with you

Yes it is true.

Imagine Miss X ni was that excited sampai first msg je dah keluar line, "I nak kurus"

Big thousands spent on a lot of centres and slimming products but to no avail. You would have thought that surely, after spending big bucks going to these centres and trying on various slimming products she'd have managed to shed off those unwanted pounds ... but... NOPE.

 Last resort at the time seemed to be surgery, gastric bypass but then, Alhamdulillah she came across my blog and contacted me straight away. I remember telling her to give Premium Beautiful a try before resorting to surgery. I mean, why not, if you're even considering surgery, no harm in trying Premium Beautiful Corset too, right? Miss X tried on Premium Beautiful Corset + Lactolite about ONE month ago in September. 

So as usual, I would follow up on my clients' progress so to see if they need any assistance adjusting the waist nipper ( most of my clients contact me to help them readjust their waist nipper .Why? It's because they've lost centimetres off their waist! So Premium Beautiful is not just about the product it's also the service) and most are willing to provide me with their testimonials  ( This involves me snapping up their "after" picture and if they're ok with me posting up the pictures, I would put them up on facebook, otherwise I'd only save it in my tab to be shown to clients. Clients confidentiality, right? I would also have them re-measured to check up on their progress. ) 

I sent Miss X a message through BBM and what I got was an excited reply of 

"When can u come? I'm in!"

She's IN!! Welcoming new biz partner onboard!

A month ago, when I mentioned to her about the biz opportunity , she dismissed the whole idea saying that "she's not into biz, she doesn't have the skills, and that the whole idea of her actually selling corsets to other people was out of this world coz she's FAT!" Those were her EXACT words.. 

Confidence level? NIL 

but lo and behold, lookiee heree... barely a month wearing PB, friends and families have noticed her`changes and how delightful is it to hear her say that for once in her life, people actually COMPLIMENTED on her LOOKS!

Now, confidence level ? Soaring  HIGH!! 

What's even funny but oh so satisfying was the fact that most of her friends thought she actually went for the gastric bypass! Of course she did NOT. So you understand her squealing excitement to join the biz?                                     

                                                        The product really works! 

She didn't do ANY promotions, ALL that she did was SHARED her REAL TESTIMONY and her friends were almost practically running away with her phone to get my contacts off her phonebook, ahaks! 

Oh dear, so now skills or no skills, biz minded or not, interested in biz or not, she has NO reason NOT to join the biz. She's got MORE than TEN reasons to join the biz. Not bad eh for someone who's not into biz in the first place? 

So ladies and gents (buy it for yourself; men can wear the waist nipper or for your loved ones) if you've not got your set , time to start a-dialing. Be the next Miss X, you will be pleasantly surprised with Premium Beautiful Corset. That's guaranteed*

Dewi Sulaiman



Email/Gtalk iwediny@gmail.com

International customers are more than welcomed. Please contact me to know more about payment arrangement.

* Please buy your sets from an authorised Premium Beautiful agent. I cannot stress more on how important it is to get your set from an authorised agent, get your money worth please please dearies. Please wear the corset as per instruction consistently. Satisfaction is guaranteed when worn CONSISTENTLY. Feel free to drop me a line. Testimonials are most welcomed here. Freebies awaits those who can provide me with testimonials and latest before-after pictures. *

You can also check out another testimonial mentioned, here 


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