Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Real Women Have Curves: Voluptuous Is The New Black

I was stumble-ing and I found this really interesting post. So check this link out.

 --->  Real Women Have Curves: Voluptuous Is The New Black

Source: isabellasnow.hubpages.com

For those of you who're not in the mood of 'clicking' you can just scroll down , I've captured screen the post so you can all have a read here..

You said it! I mean, you have to strike a balance here; as much as most of us would love to shed those extra pounds, we wouldn't want to go overboard with the whole idea, right?

To each his own. Some people would love to be a size zero but I , personally don't but then, that's probably just me.  Oh and yes , some booty a la Beyonce is so in! What's your ideal body figure?

Haha, this is sooo true! I couldn't agree more. Mr Hubby when asked whether he'd want me to go thinner... said
 " Not too thin please, leave some curves"
Need I say more? ;)

Definitely! Curves is Sexy! BUT jiggly-wobblies is a big No-No!

If you're into Keira-skinny-esque figure, it's fine, I'm not judging. I guess some people find that attractive (?). Still not judging... I guess with her bones jutting out like that, you can actually see that she's got nice bone structure, yes look at those cheekbones and her jawline . Not judging here.. Are you kidding me?

Sorry but I'm not , ehem... too keen on that kind of look.

Whenever I see her,
 I feel like cooking up a storm and feeding her.

Goodness, she IS definitely gorgeous but... hmmm maybe if she had worn a different dress she would have looked so much better because all this dress does to her is scream "FEED ME!" 

"haha ye la Puan Dewi, u cakap mcm badan u super-perfect kannnn..."
Memang tak but I'm getting there;
 to my picture-perfect body target

"ehem picture-perfect la sgt kan.. ;)"

Seriously , does any of you have this monologue with yourself? I do.. oh ooo scawyyyy

Anyways, monologues aside...! I was going to say..

Love Thy Curves, babeyyy!!

Lose some, keep some.
Tone it up, shape em up, get yourself a CORSET

Trust me , it works. 

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