Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yusuff starts schooling!

My baby's a big boy now! How time flies, I can still remember cradling him in my arms; so tiny, so precious was he. The moment he came to this world, I vowed that I would give him the very best , I would be a better person for this tiny tot in my arms. I would shower him all my love and I would go to the ends of the world and back, for my baby boy. *sigh*

Anyway, back to the story! I've been planning to send Yusuff to school because I can see how keen he is to learn; he loves books! Every night at bedtime, I'd read his bedtime stories. He'd hear me or my family member's recite the Quran and imitate. At the age of 3, he now can recite Al-Fatihah by heart (with some minor mistakes here and there). So, sending him to school seems like a very good idea. The other reason is I want him to socialise and have friends of his age. Before this, his close pals are his cousin Rawdha who is 2 and Syarieff who is 1. When Yusuff is with them, of course he has a jolly good time running and playing but he'd behave like a 1 or 2 year old would. Not fine by me especially not when he starts baby-talking.

So one day I decided to send him for some trial-run at a pre-school. First day, my mom, my sis, Syarieff and I sent him to school and accompanied him for a while. He was clingy but he was in a good mood seeing the lovely animal mural; his favourite animal's lion by the way. One of the teachers there introduced a friend to him, his first friend there, Aris. Slowly, he joined the other kids and in they went in a  choo-choo-train queue to the classroom. I left my number and crept out slowly before he realise I'm gone. 10 minutes later, no phone call from the school. Honestly I was a little worried that he'd start screaming for me but 1 hour later there was still no phone call. So I took it as a good sign he's adjusting to new surrounding. I couldn't pick him up as I had business appointments that afternoon but my mom did and she told me Yusuff was happy and singing. So far so good. That night , I put him to bed at 9
( but after a couple of books he only doze off at 10)

Second day. I woke him up at 8 in the morning. He was real sleepy but when I told him we're going to school he woke up quickly. I got him ready, gave him breakfast and drove him to school. When we got there, another story unravelled. He got very clingy.

"Nak mommy. Nak duduk dengan mommy. " Pulak dah..

So I had to accompany him for a while and when his teacher tried to get him to join the others he hanged on to me for his dear life! He starts screaming and crying. Goodness, all I felt , all I wanted to do is to hug him and tell him it's ok but I don't think he'd hear me. So tough love. I left him there , still wailing, still crying with his teacher and drove home. I had him in my mind all the time. When I reached home, his teacher phoned and told me he's fine now; he's playing with his friends. Okay.. That was a relief. Later in the evening when  I came home, we had a mommy-son conversation

Me: Yusuff, best tak pg school?

Yusuff: Best

Me: Do you like your friends? Do you like your teacher? 

Yusuff: Yes

Me: Did you have a good time today?

Yusuff: Yes! Yusuff drawing! ( He took out some drawings from his backpack). Tadi Yusuff nangis (while trying to reenact his crying scene!) 

Me: Kenapa Yusuff nangis? Yusuff is a big boy now. Kalau pergi school Yusuff jadi pandai, boleh drawing, banyak kawan. Jangan la nangis, nanti mommy datang. 

Yusuff: ok

Mommy: Are you going to cry tomorrow?

Yusuff: No mommy , Yusuff good boy.

Third day. I sent him to school and I didn't even have to get out of the car, he actually followed his teacher willingly. As he waved goodbye to me, I felt proud of my little man. Alhamdulillah.. he's adjusting! That day I came earlier to register him at the school.

Fourth day. Yusuff went to school in his new uniform. So far no more tears, and he's adjusted to this new routine. Mommy loves you sweety pie!

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