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Top 10 EXCUSES we just Love to give

I found an interesting article on the net. Most of the excuses if not all (!) sounds very familiar! I know there are many instances in life that these excuses would suddenly spring up to mind. Some people would give excuses and feel assured by just how helpless their situation is , so much so that these excuses are their 'walls' - "I would have been successful if not for ......."

" I am really keen but ......"

" It sounds too good to be true..."

Familiar kan? It sounds familiar to me too. ok read on and see what you think about it..


So you want to be rich, you want to be a millionaire? Most people, when you ask them this question, they will definitely come up with a sure 'yes'. After that, they will tell you all sorts of excuses why they are not a millionaire yet. 

"Yes, who in the world don't wish to be a millionaire?! But you know, I just don't have the money to make money!"

Have you heard this before? Do you make this kind of lousy excuses? Face it, if you are truly committed to success and wealth, you won't make these kinds of excuses. This is what separates the rich from the poor.

The poor makes more excuses than the rich in their life. And that is why, even when they bump with golden opportunities, they will never take any action on them. For them, creating wealth is not a 'must', it is just something 'enjoyable' to have. They won't die if they are not a millionaire, and that's why they are not rich.

So I hope you are not going to use these excuses in your life. Next time, when you are going to make these excuses, tell yourself that you have a millionaire mind, and that these are nothing but just lousy excuses. You know very well that success requires no special talent or luck, it is just the mindset and the behavior that lies within the people.

What are the top 10 excuses that people often give? Here they are...


How many times have you heard this in your life. Please, accept the reality that everyone has the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. You have the same time in a day exactly just like us. However, many people will use this as their excuse and tell you why they are not rich. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet both have 24 hours a day. No matter who you are, a doctor,an engineer, a barber, or even a postman, you have 24 hours a day. So the lesson of the day? Learn how to manage your time. Spend your time doing important task than urgent task. Urgent tasks are to be done, but you need to manage your time well and take the necessary well to reach your goals too.
Time is the most valuable in your life, appreciate it more. Spend all your time wisely. Think about this question, is time passed by very fast? Indeed, so manage and use it well.


Being rich does not mean that you must have certain knowledge or skill or talent. If it is so, everyone who has a degree or a PhD will be richer than those who has not finished their secondary school. However, the truth is always the opposite. Most of the time, those who never finish their school, makes more money than those who have their degree or PhD. So you see, it is not about how much you know, it is about applying what you know. Knowledge itself is not power, it is just a potential form of power. If you do not make good use of it, its power will not be unleash. There are so many real-life examples out there, this proves that to be a millionaire, it requires no special talent or knowledge. So you can be rich eh.


Dont' Give Lousy Excuses AnymoreFor some people they thought that to make money, they need money. Is it true that you need money to make money?If you have all the money , why do you still have to struggle to make money?It does not take money to make money. In fact, it requires no money to make money. Think about it, it is all the desire and commitment that drives you to take action. Now where does all that drive comes from?It is because you don't have much money and that is why you are thinking of making more money. Again, there are so many examples out there that proved that to make money, you don't need money.
Think about it; Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Anthony Robbins, Richard Branson...each one of them start their business from the ground. They don't have much money at the beginning, but they end up becoming millionaires, some even become billionaires. So realize this truth, it does not take money to make money. Here is a word of inspiration; 'When there is a will there is a way.'

Is it true that the economy has been down so that it is not the right time to strive for wealth? Wrong, no matter in what situation, there will be a group of people who will think of it as something that inspires them to go on and it is the best time to make money. Try to ask some of your friends, if the economy is bad, should they start their own businesses? Most of them will give a big NO, only a few will tell you yes. Those who tell you it is the right time to make it big, they are the ones that will be the market leader when the economy turns back well. When the recession hits, if you are still dangling in nowhere, you won;t achieve great results after the economy turns well.

However, if you grab the golden opportunity, when the economy turns well, you will be rich. I just wanted to tell you that no matter in what situation, there will be a group of people who will always have the opposite thinking. Do you think it is a good idea to sell shoes in Africa? Whatever the answers are, there will always be someone who has the opposite thinking with you. This means that, the economy is just another lousy excuses most people make. If you cannot survive during the recession, you cannot survive during the good times, because the competition is a lot higher. Take recession as a good test that God has given to your business.


Chances are if you are making this excuse, you will be waiting forever. What is opportunity anyway? How can you tell if it comes to you? How can you tell if it is a good or bad one if you never try it out? When one of your friends approach you and tells you about a network marketing company, how good it is and how much you can make with it, how can you tell whether it is the right opportunity? I believe that you have come across this situation before, and I'm using it as an example here. It is the same for every other businesses out there , the same goes for internet business. 
You will never know how an opportunity performs until you try it. 
Don't wait for it, create it.

Yes, most people do not know how to make money. So what do you need to do? Just follow your passion, do what you love, and somehow, you will find a way to make money out of it. Learn more, read more, and you will discover the real 'secrets' to be wealthy. Most of the time, when people are telling you that they do not know how to make money, actually, it is not that they do not know how, it is that they do not know what they want in their life. When you are so clear about what you want to achieve in your life, you will never come across this kind of uncertainty. It is that you do not know how to make money or is it that your are not ready to make money? When you are ready, the determination and the drive will bring you to do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true. 

Your mind will somehow come out with a plan how you can be a millionaire.

If you ever heard people telling you this, they are just trying to justify that they have tried to make it happen, but they just don't achieve it, because it is too difficult for them! Have you ever wondered why some people can make a million dollar when they are given a 'manual' of how to make more money, while most people will still remain the same and never create any amazing results? It is because of the mindset and the behavior of the people, not because of the books or the manual. There are so many wealth books being sold out there, some transformed their life after reading those books and some don't.

Stop Making Anymore Excuses
This shows that it is those who read and take action that make things happen. Take internet marketing for example, some people try and try again, but they just hit the wall and they will tell you that internet marketing just don't work. It is not that internet marketing that doesn't work, it is that person that doesn't work! Please be clear about this, it is the strategies and actions that the person took that count. You can read 1'000 wealth creation books and still be broke, if you do not take any actions. So being rich is not about easy or hard, it is about whether you are using the right strategies and taking the necessary action. If you don't, chances are, you will be giving this excuse too. 
So, being rich is not about easy or hard, it is about whether you love it, whether you are using the right strategies and taking the necessary action. If you don’t chances are, you will be giving this excuse too. 

" It us because I need to accompany my parents, or else I will be rich by now." Heard this before? I'm sure you have. Some people will give this kind of excuse, they will put the responsibility and blame on other people. When you ask them why they are not successful yet, they will tell you that it is because their wife or husband or anyone in the world is getting in their way. The only one that they are not blaming is themselves. Funny huh. Remember this, whenever you blame on other people, you are giving away your power to control the situation. If you say that it is not your fault, you do not need to take on any responsibility and therefore, you will never do a thing to change the situation. This is how so many people are blaming all over, they can blame anything just they won't blame themselves. You need to take charge of your life to be successful. If you put the responsibility on others, you will never improve. " Why did you failed math in school?" If you say that it is because your teacher did not do their job, you will never improve your math. However if you say that it is because of your own fault, chances are, you will take control of your life, you will do something to change, because it is you that makes things happened!

I believe that you have heard this too. Success has nothing to do with age. Colonel Sanders made his fortune in his 60s and Anthony Robbins made is millions when he was in his 20s/ So you see, no matter what age you are in, if you have the desire to be rich, you can be rich!
It takes just a simple idea to make a fortune. If you don't have the idea, it is going to take you more time, but your desire and your commitment will speed things up. You have heard how some people make their first million in just one short year, so everything is possible. Don't worry even if you are in your 60s, you can still make a difference and achieve amazing results in your life. All you have to do is to make sure that you truly desire do it, know it crystal clear about what you want in your life and give 100 percent commitment towards your dreams. Make your dreams come true. Like what Nike tagline has to say, 


I will leave this number 10 excuse to you. Just think of it as any excuses that you have come across in your life. I believe that once you have gone through this article, you know it clearly that these excuses are nothing more than lousy excuses that most people give.

You need to change your way of thinking if you 

desire for success.

Don’t repeat these excuses in your life. You know that what determines your success is not from the outside, it is from the inside.
When something happen, it depends on the reason that you give to it. When you are broke, you can choose to believe that god wants you to be broke and you will never be rich. Or you can choose to believe that it is just a test that god has given to you. Anyway, it is the response or the meaning that you give. Since you are going to choose the meaning to give, why don’t choose one that empowers you? 

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Powerful stuff eh?I thought so too. I cringe at most parts , because I did gave those excuses plus more. Some people blame others but I, well I self-bash. I blame myself a lot more, I criticise myself whenever I feel overwhelmed with tasks. I want everything to be perfect, smooth-sailing that when there's a glitch, I 'nail' myself in the head for letting it happen. Sometimes , shit happens. So what? Sometimes you fall down. So what? Life goes on. It does. You just have to dust yourself off and pick yourself up from the ground and then move on, start again, try again. I know. Saying it is so much more easier than doing it. There have been times when I actually say this to myself, " OK, what else? What other problems are lurking in the corner for me?" I was that frustrated that I have actually gave in, I was anticipating more problems to come my way and of course what you visualise, could very well happen.

So, I'm making a new start, a fresh start, right here , right now. No more excuses. Just do it, eh?

This is for you guys, wake up every morning and believe in it, ok?  ----> 
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So what other excuses have you guys given? What's your No.10 excuse, feel free to share with me;)

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