Monday, August 15, 2011

Premium Beautiful Booth: Perfect Cut goes to Menara TM!

Pheww, what a crowd! 

Actually the booth was held a while ago from the 1st-5th of August. Perfect Cut came in support of its newest addition, Kak Rita! I was processing her application forms when she told me she had the boothe booked on first week of Ramadhan. We didn't really have much time to prepare but we gave it our best. We received a good reaction from the crowd there, nope, scratch that, they were fantastic!

Some either came to know more about Premium Beautiful, to buy their 2nd set ( yes, second!) , some have never even heard of Premium Beautiful ( no big surprise there, I only got to know about it this year! It would have saved me all the trouble and post-pregnancy rash episode if I had known about PB during my confinement.Imagine how many of our friends out there who have yet to discover PB, I know I would have appreciated any of my friends introducing it to me to use during confinement),

some were there to send their set for repair ( ehem, buying PB set entitles you to a free repair; LIFETIME WARRANTY. However, that doesnt mean you can chuck it in the washing machine or use some random chlorinated detergent to wash it! Follow the care guideline as told k ladies ) and some came because they were intrigued with our mannequin wearing corset.


Till next time! 

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