Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Singing in the Hong Kong rain (Day 1)

All I can say is YABBADABBADOOOOO!!  Bestnya!!

I honestly had such a blast in Hong Kong! Alhamdulillah everything was taken care of coz I didn't prepare anything for this holiday.Usually, prior to any trips, I'd really do some research on the area; culture, weather, tourist must-visit sites, hotel and food budgets, and of course..language! All the preparation was very last minute, I was quite busy but I must admit that I was quite relaxed being under-prepared(huh? that's a first!). The trip was fully sponsored; flight tickets, hotel, food, transport, everything was paid for!

It's definitely not my first time travelling but for some it is and you can see such excitement in their faces, that I can't help but feel extra happy for all of us.

When I travel, I usually would like to be hands-on with everything; packing hubby's and children's clothing, checking in at the counter etc.. but this time around... tak payah dah.. tour guide check in for us.. nice!

Kuala Lumpur ---> Hong Kong

FIRST DAY (Green Theme)

Sis and me arrived at KLIA before the crack of dawn. We arrived as early as 3am and had our early breakfast at Secret Recipe. Well better safe than sorry I say; we packed till midnight so instead of resting our eyes to sleep I'd rather we head straight to the airport. The early bird catches the first worm kind of spirit I guess haha... plus... I dare not sleep and then wake up only to realise that we've actually missed the flight! YIKES!

FB-ing to kill time, it's only 3am and meet up time's at 6.15, wokeyy 3 more hours to go

Green Power! with our CDM SALHA

About to board the plane

From Hong Kong Airport to Ladies Market we travelled in a chartered bus.
Actually.......we have already been told to bring an umbrella but thinking that the weather is somewhat like Malaysia I didn't! So what happened? What else?! The moment we were all about to step out of the bus it starts to pour. Isn't that just fine and dandy?So sis and me bought an umbrella each for ourselves; a watermelon and strawberry umbrella. You see, this is how the weather works here; you have little warning of when rain will come. You'll be walking through the streets and suddenly pounded with rain. What sprinkles, what light showers? It either pours or it doesn't. As abruptly as it began, the rain will stop. As if to welcome us in Hong Kong, it rained on and off that day till we were soaked to the skin but hey, I think I rather enjoyed it. We had a lovely lunch at Spice, food was delish! I honestly was busy enjoying the yummies that I didn't snap a lot of pics but here's one..

 We went to the Avenue of Stars and it rained, we got on the open-top bus ride and it still rained. I felt like doing a Gene Kelly number and start dancing and singing in the rain,phew!



After all that... We checked into L'Hotel et Nina Convention...hello hello 5star hoteeellll!! woohooo


check out the bathroom!


With that I shall leave you with Gene Kelly.. Day 2 and 3 coming up..soon ! I promise, just watch this space =)

"..this California dew is just a lil heavier than usual tonight"

"really?from where I stand, the sun is shining all over the place.."

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