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Back with a Vengeance! Anugerah JAM TANGAN ~ RM100' 000 Sales in a MONTH!



I'm Backkkk!!

I've been absent for so long but only on blogging world; I've been busy and when you've got to borrow your sister's laptop to update your blog, this is what happens. A lot of entries overdue I know!

hehe it's ok I've got my Macbook Air with me, now I can update whenever I want, ehem that is if the lil ones are not all over me! 

I can buy this and still increase my savings and that of my kids

Anyway, last month was a crucial month for me. I have set a target for myself last month; I want to be awarded with a "watch" by our stockist. I'm going to get it by hook or by crook. It pays off to be stubborn sometimes coz I got the watch! I am over the moon with this achievement. Ok before I go off on a tangent, let me share why getting this 'watch' is such a big deal to me. For our group in Batu Caves, receiving a 'watch' means that you must have achieved RM100' 000 sales in a month, that's 50 sets in ONE month. So, yes, it IS a BIG deal to me and yes I am ecstatic and very grateful. 
I can still remember seeing other people receiving the 'watches' during business class. At the time, I didn't know why it was such a big deal but when I knew what it meant, I took it all in; green with envy. I thought that if they could do it, then so can I. Kak Hane managed to get it in her second month in business and... she's doing this part time, I find that very inspiring. There just wasn't any reason for me not to go for it.

I really am not too sure how to put into words what I felt when I was told that I qualified for the 'watch'. First watch in my personal group and the second to get it in Kak Hane's after herself.I am certainly thrilled and evermore grateful to everyone who's played a part in the quest for my 100k watch, be it small or big, it means the world to me.  Thank you to my great leaders,  you've paved the way for the rest of us and have proven just how successful we can be in this business. Thank you CDM Kak Salha for your kind and wise words, for being there for me during my very crucial moment in securing the 'watch', felt lucky that you were there at the time! Thank you DDM Kak Adliza for lighting up the fire within me, for motivating and cultivating me to be a great leader as you are,  a true leader indeed! DSM Kak Hane, a big thank you for being patient with me and guiding me every step of the way, whatsapp everyday, you showed me the way 
(eh, it rhymes! not intentionally

Receiving 'jam tangan' from our No.1 Leader

Me in the middle with CDM Kak Ana, No. 1 Leader in Malaysia and the rest  of the 'jam tangan'  qualifiers
Trying it on

Lovin it!

Yes, that's mine! my 'blood,sweat and tears' watch! well maybe not so much on the 'blood' part  hehe

To my great leaders, for all that you've done and all that you'll continously guide I thank you from the very bottom of my heart.
My sis Tiqah, Kak Liza, me and Kak Hane. I'm happy that they were there to share my happy moment. All 4 generations are here, all kindred spirits!

With CDM Hanis, DDM Kak Adliza, CDM Kak Salha and all the 'jam tangan' qualifiers in our group. See, even guys can sell Premium Beautiful corset, Abang Alfaath got the watch thru PB, amazing!

With DSM Kak Hane and CDM Kak Salha =)

How can I even begin to thank Wafa, my best friend. I could write for ages about her. Wafa, I've said it before but I will say it again, Thank you for introducing me to this business and thank you for being a true friend to me. I feel very blessed to have you in my life. How fortunate am I to have such an outstanding person as my best friend and now business partner! We have known each other for so long and though we are apart now geographically; Wafa is in Glasgow while I in Malaysia, it really feels like we are not apart, we could spend hours on the phone, we would whatsapp every other day. Technology rockss! I share with her all my joys and sorrows; Wafa lifts me up when I am down and she is my loyal cheerleader , bestkan best friend I ni?
Wafa and baby Aliyya

When I first started the business I had an inkling on how to move forward but of course in order to excel in this it wouldn't be enough. It's quite simple, really, if you want to be successful, you've got to have a positive mindset and a determined spirit. How? Mingle and get close with successful people, learn from them and apply it to your life. That's exactly what I'm doing. I've proven it and so can you. Trust me, if you dont give it a try, you'll never know. All you'd get is another 'what if?' in life. I for one have had enough share of the 'what ifs'.

Looking back when I first joined the business, I was never once hesitant, I  had a valid reason to join, I saw the opportunity presented and I decided to grab it. I'd be a fool to pass on such opportunity. It's quite clear cut; you reap what you sow. I didn't see the risk, all I saw and keep on seeing is opportunity, opportunity,opportunity. There isn't anything you can't learn.  I've got a FANTASTIC team to back me up, a LUCRATIVE business plan, I've got nothing to lose but everything to gain

Alhamdulillah mmg terbukti, in life kalau betul nak berjaya, kita usaha, kalau kita dah tingkatkan usaha tu insyaallah akan mendapat imbalannya. Kalau I mom of two ni boleh juga mencapai 100k sales sure the rest of u lagi hebat kan? =)

Friends, I'm sure you are interested and would like to know more about biz PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL ni, please do contact me, you are very much welcomed to do so. drop me a line or two and I akan share with you step by step all the way!


see u at the top!

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