Sunday, April 24, 2011


 Personal Touch Session with Tiqah and Farihah last Friday at Godiva, Pavillion. 

We walked in and saw the assortments of chocolates on display and I had to check.... just incase I was drooling!! Serious! so yummy!! 

We had our discussion and goodness, did we enjoy every bite of the chocolate cake or what? We enjoyed eating the yummies so much we forgot to take our own pic.. oh well maybe next time..

Actually I had my eye on the macaroons and as I sat patiently in anticipation of the macaroon, the cakes, the choc drinks.. a waitress came up to me ..

" Hai akak, so sorry, macaroons tadi tu dah kena reserve and abg yg dtg before akak tu dah book before ni and dia beli semua pulak. Akak bg ur contact no and we will inform u when the next batch of macaroons dtg"

Waaaaa!! Oh well.. not my 'rezeki'.. ingat nak Laduree's 

but that will have to wait till I go back to Glasgow.. so I thought Godiva's would appease my macaroons crave for now.. but alas huk huk the macaroons were sold out. 

So... we had these..

Didn't waste too much time 'downing' the pot!


Jom , lets talk over a cuppa n brownie 

Dewi Sulaiman


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