Monday, March 7, 2011

Thank YOU Friends!

everything went smooth sailing for the tea party. 
Not only did I have butterflies in my stomach I had mosquitoes!

OK melampau la tu oii

Pictures are with dear Farihah but she is knackered from too much karaoke-ing and posing for the camera that night.

ohoo ni keje ko ye he he he 

OK I forgive you farihah!

I would like to say a big and hearty THANK YOU to friends who came to our tea party yesterday. Some even came unexpectedly. Latecomers ke unexpected ke I 'm cool with that because your presence made the party even more special!
 What matters is you came! Woot Woot! So to my dear friends or those of my business partners' , THANK YOU for giving us a little time of your day. 
We are currently in discussion on future events, but we will keep you updated.

For those who couldn't make it because of prior commitments, dont feel disappointed, you can still contact us for appointments. Come on and get ready to take charge of your life, be your own boss, learn, grow and prosper!
 If you are interested to know our products , just drop me a line, and I'll be more than happy to help you, after all that's what I'm here for, I've experienced first hand how amazing Premium Beautiful is to my figure and health, so now I'd like to share it with all you lovelies =)

To Farihah, Tiqah, Kak Kip, thank you for being part of the team, it wouldn't have been spectacular without each and every one of you. BIG LOVE to our dear dear friend Sheera, who will soon join our group, insyaallah, Sheera may not have officially joined but she was there for the planning, the preparation, during the event; she was there throughout the whole gig, such a beautiful person, we can't wait to welcome you officially in our group! Thank you to my best friend, Wafa, whom despite being far away in Glasgow made her presence 'felt' here in Malaysia... thank you skype, we skyped! so Wafa really was at the party! How amazing is technology, right? Wafa is thousands of miles away but she was 'at' the party, only she couldnt savour the erm cupcakes which we ehem gobbled up heehe. We even had lengthy conversations via skype, whatsapp everyday, so geographically, yes, we are separated but in true essence of communication or support we are not separated;it's like she's sitting next to me, truly I feel blessed!

 A warm and heartfelt THANK YOU to Kak Adliza, who came in support of our event; Kak Ad had already paid to attend a product seminar elsewhere but she still made the time for us. For that, thank you Kak Adliza, all of us are so happy to be a part of this team, we are so close, it feels family to me. Kak Hane, eventhough you were in Melaka on that day, but you gave us loads of tips by whatsapp-ing with me, Kak Salha who's in JB but the support and love I felt from each and all of you beautiful people, made us feel humbled that Allah SWT crossed our paths and destined us to be part of this team, a team that is full of such inspiring individuals.
Banyak2 group lain, but I chose to be in this group tu.. pasal ni la..
we've got each others' back! 

I love my team!









My sis, Tiqah

Kak Kip



Our Great Leaders...

Kak Adliza



Kak Hane



So.. for any of u lovelies out there who are interested, why not book an appointment with me and be a part of such a fabulous team, lets make that first step towards financial freedom, flexibility in life.. get more options for yourself and family because you are worth it!

Contact Dewi
Phone/text/whatsapp +6019-2339136



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