Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Testimonial!!

Halooo everyone! (silent reader juger.. komenla i dont bite =) )

I'm Dewi mom of 2, loving the fabulous life and this is my testimonial wearing Premium Beautiful.

During confinement, I wore the traditional 'bengkung', both the 20 metre band and the updated version because that's what everyone's wearing during confinement to regain their shape, or so I thought.

Yes, they go round and round and round you..

I actually thought I could wear them myself but  could you?

Guess what happened? After I gave birth to my first son and wore this 'bengkung' for the first time, I developed a rash which then spread upwards to my chest area, it was so itchy I couldn't sleep, I couldn't rest. 

This almost drove me mad
My mom told me to stop wearing the band but I so wanted to regain my shape, and stubborn is my middle name, I wore it still. I wiped the rash with ointment and warm compress to soothe them and continued wearing the band which of course only made it worse.Only then did I stopped wearing the band. By then the itch was almost driving me mad. I was hysterical, I scolded dear hubby because he couldn't get me to see the dermatologist quick enough; the appointment was in the following week. I actually said I would die by then! Drama queen betul. I cried my eyes out everyday, I couldn't take antihistamine for the rash because it's not recommended since I was breastfeeding, I would rather suffer than take the risk. Suffer I did. I went to see my GP (Dr klinik) and she actually thought it was scabies and prescribed Permethrin. Uh no, not scabies! If it were scabies why am I the only one affected?! Needless to say, that didn't work. My sister googled to find a solution and the solution for an eczema-like reaction to the band was bathing in cold water! Not shocked yet? Cold water , that would be Glasgow cold water! I did, only 2 weeks in confinement, I showered in that icy cold water. I had to, I was losing my mind with the itch. Second time around, being the stubborn me I wore the band again and some rash appeared but this time I know what to do; I wash the rash area with cold water, erm yes still in Glasgow and applied moisturiser. By the way, that is what you need to do if you develop a similar rash to mine, wash with cold not warm or hot water and moisturise often. Second time around I survived without having to go to a dermatologist. That was my horror story wearing the traditional band. Imagine if I had known Premium Beautiful then, I wouldn't have to go through all that! 

My second child was 8 months when I was introduced to Premium Beautiful by my best friend, Wafa. Thank you Wafa! Kak Hane fitted the corset for me on the 10th of January and from that day onwards I have been wearing PB religiously for 8hrs/day.

First time wearing, wahlaweeyyyy no buncit2 no preggy tummy! It looked like I've instantaneously lost inches from my waist n hips. ok lets cut to the chase and let the pictures do the talking, shall we?

Me and Wafa , those were the days when we were that slim!

Dato Chong Wei juga la masih slim, n ktorg ni huk huk huk

2 months pregnant with second child, look thinner coz first trimester sll akan turun 10kg! takkan nak slim kena pregnant lg kot?

6 months pregnant, the coat covered the bumpy figure hehe

Best friends with bumps! Both at 7, 7+months pregnant

Still stuffing tha face at 9 +months

Baby Syarieff is now 3 months +. Look how I've ballooned

When there's food I smile haha

After 1 week wearing Premium Beautiful

After 1 month wearing Premium Beautiful, lost 7 cm off waist and 2cm off hips.

Me and my date at Diamond Nite!

Me and sis and Kak Kip . After 6 weeks of wearing PB, lost 10cm off my waist and 4cm off hips.

If I can do it , so can you.. I dont know of any simpler way to regain your shape especially mommies who've just had their baby. Not only do I regain my shape ( coz it's the hourglass figure I'm after),

 I gained a whole lot more benefits :

  • Increase milk production - super! for breastfeeding mommies like me
  • Reduce back pain - mommies usually start to have a slouchy posture coz they bend down a lot e.g. picking up your baby from the floor, bathing your baby, changing diapers, picking up toys, carrying baby, standing up a lot

  • Promote good sleep - I'm a walking testimonial of this benefit. If say, I woke up at 2 or 3am I wont be able to go back to sleep, I'd be tossing and turning until after Subuh prayers. After wearing PB, goodness! I've never had such a relaxing sleep since I had my babies. I mean I still do wake up every now n then to feed the baby but this is not an issue anymore. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day!

  • Reduce stretch marks - this I am very happy about. I've got wolverine-scratch-stretch marks and the marks are fading!

  • No more pregnancy-tummy - I dont have to check my tummy everytime I go out of a restaurant, worried that I'm going out looking like a 6 months pregnant lady! My clothes fit me well and I believe ehem I look fabulous in it. Yes, that's the most important thing, YOU yourself notice the difference, YOU feel confident, you're doing this for yourself~

8 is the magic number! 8 hours/ day everyday and that's it. All this while since I started wearing Premium Beautiful, I've not exercised and I've not diet, I ate like I would normally. I dont skip any meals, I still eat rice BUT!! remember with PB, you will not be able to ravage the whole dinner table like ehem I normally would. Automatically, you'll learn how to control your food portions. When that happens, you become aware of what you are eating, your eating pace slows down from what it was ( me?it was gulp gulp gulp), and you are aware of what you put in your mouth, you savour every morsel thus a healthy eating habit.

Come on people, we are doing this for the
long run. Can you see yourself in the future excluding a certain food that you usually enjoy e.g rice, potato?

Be smart.
Look at the bigger picture.

 You don't have to restrict yourselves to such an extent that when you do fall for temptations, you start to get guilty, you feel down , you feel like you failed.

Why torture yourself ? 

Don't get me wrong , I'm not saying that exercise is bad for you. Quite the opposite! It's superb for you. It's good for your heart! However I see a lot of friends and families even yours truly have problems to commit their time going to the gym a few times each week. Like any other methods, consistency is the key here. You cant just go once this week skip one week and then do a little bit more the following week. You could but when are you going to see the results? A friend of mine (Amrah, that's you!) goes to the gym and workout a couple of times every week and she is seeing results but what about those who go when they feel like it? If you're single and have time to spare , do use it wisely, go to the gym, will you? ... but you know what, as much as I'd like to go to the gym everyday, I have time constraint and who's going to look after the babies? Every morning , I had to sneak quietly and run on the treadmill before the baby wakes up and usually he would. So here I am trying to stay focused with the baby wailing at the background pushing myself for at least a 30 minutes workout. Next I've got to bathe my 2 sons, dress them , cook, feed them, find a time to shower myself, at which point I would often forget to take my own breakfast sometimes and end up ravenous during lunch. I eat more than I should and I feel tired. I am tired every single day. When I can't exercise in the morning because the baby's up and needs a feed, I honestly feel a lil angry inside.

That is why I need PB.

 I exercise when I can but I'm not worried as long as I have my PB. I feel confident when I'm out and about, I dont worry about any rebellious bulge, I dont feel embarassed that someone would say I'm pregnant.
I'm a happy mommy

Happy mommy = Happy kids!

I'm not just wearing this for myself, I'm wearing this also for my kids, they want a confident and happy mommy. I truly believe that actions speaks louder than words, I dont mind people complaining about how they look, but I cant stand it when people are receptive to what they've become..

 "alaah takpela dah keturunan gemuk nak buat macam mana?"

"biarla, dah ada anak mmg naik ler"

Hello? You can do something about it.. unless you are happy being big, then who am I to say, so dont just complain.

Take charge of your life
, you are precious and macam iklan Loreal...

You're worth it!


  1. Owh this post..Hope you still remember me.. Preggy lady sat a the same table with you during the Diamond Nite..

  2. hi edah! yes i remember u, sweet preggy lady at my table!


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