Monday, March 21, 2011

How Mommy Got Her Jeans Back

Remember the previous post about my jeans? I was supposed to update on my retail excursion for the new pair of jeans. Needless to say, that never happened. No shopping spree hence no update. Let’s just say it got postponed. I know, a postponed shopping spree rarely does happen. Truth be told, the reason it got hold off was our dear sister’s fiancĂ© was here in Malaysia and we were all to have lunch together. Valid enough excuse, right? 

After what seemed like an eternity, I can now say that I went shopping!!!! 

The quest for the glass slippers, *oooops!* I mean, my new jeans, was on! The very quest took place one fine Thursday. I say fine because I remember waking up to the melodious tune of the birds singing greeting the day ahead. I drew the curtains , took one look out the window and was humbled by the glory and splendor there is in everything around. The sky was a work of art, one that would surpass that of Picasso, Monet, hands down. It was as if as the sun rises it 'explodes' and blasted off its colours to the pale blue sky.

My kids were up, smiling from ear to ear knowing full well (maybe just my eldest son) that we were going out. One baby bag, a stroller and a sling later, we were on the road to shopping-land and traffic-horror postcode Bangsar, Midvalley. For those who've been to Midvalley would know that if you plan on shopping there, you've got to be a 'morning person' for that day, otherwise, suffer the Wrath of Traffic! Let's say you got into the building, you could spend hours trying to find a parking space. If you're late, not a morning person or if it's an impromptu trip, your best options would be commute or valet parking. If for some reason you think you'd be lucky that day, you can erm try your luck and brave the ehem Midvalley Traffic Frenzy. *shivers*

We got our parking space,yeayy! Syarieff was in his sling strapped to my person, Yusuff was in his stroller pushed by his Aunt, Tiqah. Yusuff was happily singing 'baby, baby, baby oooooh' in between his lion roars. Did I tell you Yusuff is a Justin Bieber's fan?Haha So he is. He may only be 3 but he can groove!

Oh, and he is at his animal-loving phase and his favourite animal is lion, so he does his lion impersonation quite often. That's why I've got this ehem "Awaken your inner lion....let's hear you roar" thing on my blog's banner. I put that phrase in risking being corny because I want to be reminded of my boys, they are now my compass in life; they mean the world and beyond to me.

So now, we're all clear on that, let's go back to the shopping tale. Where were we?Right. We got in through Gardens entrance and stopped for lunch at this Thai restaurant because everywhere else looked full and I was just too hungry to look for other places. I can't even tell you the name of the restaurant, hunger prevented my brain from registering that information!

Lets cut to the chase...So, in we went to Dorothy Perkins. Pretty outfits all around. I chose a couple of outfits but didn't bother to try it in the fitting room because my wee one was sleeping and well, he's strapped to me. So, I had to go in front of a mirror and take the outfits in turn, put them in front of me, I try to imagine how it'd look on me. Ok, the tops would be fine without trying them on but the jeans! I wasn't even sure what my current size was. So, Lia thought maybe size 14 so I had to remove Syarieff and hand him over to Tiqah, thank god that didn't wake him up. I had butterflies in my stomach as I got my legs into the jeans, worrying that it may be too small for me. I was a size 18 after Syarieff was born. I was curious at the time and tried on a pair of jeans just to see how big I've gotten after birth. Maybe to some size 18 is not that big but being petite , I'm barely 5'2"; 18 is big. Anyway, the jeans fit me well but wait, what's this I can slide them off!! Ohooo, I need one size smaller!! Dare I? Oooh Yeah! I called Lia and asked for size 12. 
I think my hands were a bit clammy waiting in anticipation for the size 12 jeans. They too fit me well, infact this is the right size for me! Waheyy I'm a size 12 now!! That's one size bigger than my pre-baby self. Not bad, not bad at all! 

I felt reborn. Momma's got her jeans back! It may just be a shopping spree to some but it carries a whole load of meaning to me. Did I mention that the last jeans I bought was before I ever got pregnant? Yes, I dont own a single pair of jeans that fit me since I got pregnant. While the rest of the hot mommas and ladies my age strut in their pretty pretty jeans, I strut in my ehee pregnancy pants.
They're just too baggy now

I even went shopping in one! It just got too baggy that it's sweepingDBKL-momma the floor. Instead of hot momma , I get ! I never did got myself any pair of jeans before because I actually said that I would when I get slimmer; I didn't want to waste money, you see, I need to prioritise and jeans wasn't on the top of my list. I only got myself a pair of jeggings at a very much reduced price from Next because they had elasticated waist, I wouldn't have to worry about having to buy a new pair too soon. I was ecstatic I bought two pairs of jeans and three tops. We went to other shops as well to buy more clothes, bags, shoes, hijabs and the best part was to me was to see the smile on my son's face as he got his Spiderman shirt and pants. Yusuff was his baby brother's personal shopper for the day so Syarieff, you've got to put up with the lion themed shirts whether you like it or not hehe. It was a fun day for the kids; Yusuff got to see some animals from Pets World, he was saying hi to all the animals. There were only cats, dogs, hamsters and fishes there and I burst out laughing when Yusuff said he wanted to see lions next. Nope, sorry baby, no lions at the pet shop. Syarieff had fun too, he was strapped cosily to me and enjoyed watching his brother prance around in excitement. All of us had a great time that day, for sure, we went home at 10 pm. 

Children, they don't really demand material possessions, a day out anywhere with you means the world to them. 

Money isn't everything but everything needs money! 

My babies

That's why I got myself into this business, because I want to spend more time with my children. I want to save 20 years of my life hurdling through such a long path. I want to see them grow up and not miss any part of their life. I want to give them the very best options in life. Every minute I spend apart from my children now is all going to be worth it. I want their future to be as bright as the sun. I feel lucky to be in this business. I manage my own time, I set my own target, I do it my way! It's the technology era, I don't have to go out everyday to be business. The world is at my fingertips. I would be feeding my kids and blogging at the same time. I could be talking on the phone with my business partners and cradling my baby at the same time. I am in business and the income is lucrative; it's BIG money but I have the luxury to lean back and enjoy life with my babies and husband. Oh before I forget to mention, I was still in bed this morning, updating my blog, answering emails. Yes, I'm working from my bed


While the rest of the planet, moan about the traffic every morning, I rarely do get that. Some people have to wake up at 6 to drive to work. 

Willing the time to move quickly?

Tired, Burdened, Unappreciated?

Which one are you?

At six, I'm up for Subuh prayers and I start my work from my bed with my kids next to me. For mommies out there, don't you want to do the same? You could work from home and manage your own time, spend more time with your children, see them wake up and prepare them breakfast instead of rushing out before they even open their eyes ? Even if you're not a mommy, do you not dream of such lifestyle?Never having to brave the morning traffic? Be your own boss? Escape the 8-5 working hours?Never having to dread checking your account's balance?



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