Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Watch ME

Can  I do it?
Is it really possible?

Seriously, I had doubts.
They're like a broken record screeching over and over again in my ears


..but.. I have HOPES , DReaMs and ...


I hope to have a way out, to better my family's lives

I dream to live a life full of choices
to dance to the beat of my drums and not be shackled to the ground-working a 9-5 job that though drains me only seem to rob me off my life

I want to get OUT of that vicious cycle!

Whenever I feel like waving 
the white flag, 
I see their faces and I push through

I want my babies to have a colourful and most promising future
so I will never bow down.
What kind of message am I teaching my babies if I hide from chances, run out of fear and bury my dreams??


Back to the question..
can I do it?

erm.. do what exactly?

my target for this month is RM100k
and it means I'll get a free watch, yippee!!
watch this space!
syyy.. I find it pretty daunting!
actually thinking and contemplating on it is one thing
saying it out loud 
or in this case blogging about it 
is another different story
I'll probably have to bury my head in the sand if it goes awry

Too late!
I've said it
Now I need to make it happen
I'm almost there..so very close I could almost feel the cold metal on my wrist, that RM100k watch!

waaa bestnya

this is nice too

well not literally RM100k
have you not heard; it's the thoughts that counts! not trying to be corny here but without that RM100k ...
buhbye watch..

What's so special about the watch that got me raving through the night..

lets see..
RM100k sales = THE WATCH

THE WATCH = 2 tickets to  Hong Kong
4 days 3 Nights 5 stars trip all expenses fully paid

income pun..

of course, I want the watch.. 
it is the 'catalyst' to great GREAT things to come..
What started as a question will soon materialize as an answer.. to so many of my woes


From zero income to RM4500 for the first month
The wonders that be when you strive and push forward


The golden door is there but it's not going to open by itself, will it?
source: blog


If you were presented with an opportunity..
a golden opportunity, to FINALLY be able to

live the life that you so much desire,

would you hold on and grab it or shun it without much thought? 
The choice is yours to make

May it be one that OPENS the door to 


Source: Melody Campbell at Flickr

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  1. yessss!! we cann! :)
    such an inspiring post dewi~semangat intan pon jd berkobar2!hehe
    intan already follow ur blog n link u..jom kita exchange link dear! ;)


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