Friday, February 4, 2011

LoVe ThY CurVEs

Real women have cuRVeS!       
  Men love some meat on women!      

                                                                  Size 0 in 4 weeks!

Burn, baby BuRN                

How celeb-moms lose weight after birth

Say NO TO jIGglY WiGgLiEs!

  If you're thin, you're IN!             

erm... says WHO??    
I must admit though that some of the headlines got me running to the news stand.

source: Google
                                            Check these out...                  

"Reese Witherspoon slimmed down in 2 months after giving birth. Kate Hudson gained 60 pounds while pregnant and dropped it all in a matter of weeks. "


Wow!    Fat suit in, fat suit out.

They actually make it sound like changing clothes. My baby's almost 9 months and  I'm nowhere near  the level of bikini-bod. Boohoo. Not that I'm planning on gallivanting around the globe in it. Now, that will stop traffic.. yes, I can just see cars colliding and jam-packing the streets all right. ROTFL.

pin, pinnnnnnnn!!
Source: Google


Once upon a time ago, 
believe it or not, I was skinny , that's back in my teen years. When I was 6 months pregnant with my firstborn, I could fit a size 10 dress and wear a 3 inch high heels to a Christmas party. Later a size 12 mommy, I went home in Malaysia for a holiday,  flabbergasted seeing 2 and sometimes more of slimming centres in the same row of shops with billboards flanking skinny models and their million watt sparkling smiles; 
I literally told my hubby that I felt like a GODZILLA! 
Source: Google

Since then I've gained more weight especially with my second baby. 

Most of us do not stay in the same shape or size we grew up with, some got curvier, and some leaner. Having been 'privileged'  to experience the best of both 'worlds', I know what it feels like to be skinny and have people make a fuss about how men love curvier women and that I looked sick. I am now heavier and yet I'm still hearing the same song with maybe different lyrics.



 me cURvEs

I used to have a hard time saying this before lest someone vilify me for not following the current trend. Such was the case that I hate going out because I actually felt ugly.
Oh, I do not hate nor I condemn skinny people, I was one myself.
Some men do like curvy women and some men don't. To each his own. What's the point of being curvaceous or skinny if you're not confident because whatever size you are, it boils down to how you present yourself to the world. You could have the most desired body in either categories but if you don't feel desired, sexy, confident, you're just one awkward lady.

I honestly am bored of hearing myself complain about my figure. I like me some curves, oh yeah, but sometimes they can be rebellious! It's the hourglass figure I'm after......
not gunny sack!

I definitely would love to get rid of my fake-pregnancy-looking-tummy, I actually told a friend that I walked in a restaurant looking like a 3 months pregnant lady and coming out 6mths pregnant.



...I got myself into a corset.
I am a natural born skeptic but not in this case.
When you put the corset on, everything falls in place, what's great is, the effect is instantaneous.
 No more 'ripple waist', square bottoms, or breasts that seem to conform to the laws of gravity.

How many of us have been to a slimming centre, raise your hand.. slimming centres? aye, aye!
Silly me, I somehow had the impression that the only bit of effort on my part was paying for the service.
Here's my body, make me fabulous!
Nope, no maam! 

Not only are you subjected to uncomfortable treatment, you do have to follow a rigid meal plan and be gawked at. Embarassing.
What I love about the corset is that I am my own beautician, I am my own slimming expert. No more embarrassing trips.

My sis called Premium Beautiful Corset , the power suit.  She's absolutely right! I feel powerful wearing this suit 8 (sometimes more) hours a day. I breastfeed so I feel hungry almost all the time but wearing the corset helps me curb my erm insatiable appetite.
Such minimal effort for a continuous effect. 
 What's even fantastic is my clothes fit me well, scratch that, they fit me great! Oh and guess what? I'm no longer just a housewife and a mommy, I'm also earning income for this business. Not bad for my baby steps, right?Told you it's a POWER SUIT.




Apple, Pear, Tube , Hourglass shape; we're all REAL Women.
Whatever shape you are in, Premium Beautiful Corset is a corset for all
THE corset for REAL women like you and me! 

I am a REAL woman, hear me roar. If you, like me have decided to stand up and empower yourself to make a positive change for yourself, then you should get your ROAR on too.


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