Saturday, January 29, 2011

First and longest entry....thus far

I would like to believe that I am comfortable in my own skin.
I would like to say that I walk tall with my head up, knowing full well that I am beautiful despite the size that I am in.
I would like to be happy just being me; 
I'm still the same person, only ehem, slightly larger.

Who am I kidding?

Wanting to believe sometimes is unbearable..
especially when you look 4 months pregnant!
It's all exterior, I once thought. 
I'll get my figure back, I actually believed that.
What's important is the way you carry yourself. It's all about the attitude. True.

Little did I know then that, my confidence would slowly wither.
I too, want to be able to feel confident without forcing myself.
I can't help but feel so little in a larger body. 
It's not about being vain. Far from it. It's about empowering yourself, thinking big and maximising your potential
I may start of with a small step, but by gosh, it's a step forward.
I am tired of complaining and wishing when all I need to do is to take that one baby step.

For me, my first baby steps is to regain my confidence. I want to look and feel good. I want to be a happy mommy.
I've been unhappy for a while but that's another story for another time. 

I fully embrace the me that I am, plus size. Skinny is not for me, I've been through that stage during my teens. I don't hate skinny people, I just don't think I look good skinny, plus, I don't think my prince charming would want that.;) I'll definitely post up some pics soon, so watch this space.

One of my many oooucch moments, was at my niece's birthday party. I was wearing a self-written T-shirt and my spanx underneath,

when my aunt actually rubbed my tummy and said ,

" Ada isi ke ni?" 
Lawaknya la

New fashion trend, any followers? ;)

implying that I was pregnant which I'm not, definitely not. 
Oh dear, spanx has failed me yet again!
"Hehehe aunty, ni pregnant with cakes la!" 
Ouch! That's ok, I've got elephant's skin. 

Yummy, sedap sampai pejam mata

Not a great shot, I'd say
makan lagi hehe

 I needed to do something, the real me is screaming for air!!

Guess what I got myself into?
a corset!

After 1 week of wearing the corset

Me and my lil Manager =
 This is my baby step... What's yours?

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